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We are a recognized Google Analytics management company who have managed 100+ campaigns for clients in UK. USA, Canada & Australia.. Our Google Analytics services help you receive the perfect insights.


We have expert Google Analytics consultants, who help you set up exact conversion tracking that your business actually need and you can take the important decision against your competitors by customizing the best SEO strategies.


We work for you to get the best results from the Analytics setup. As you can track all the important behavior of you visitors, it leads to improve your strategies which will increase your sales.

Google Analytics Services are very popular in this era, and they effectively help in improving the marketing of your business. Cube Digi Media is a platform that provides efficient Google Analytics services to provide insights for your online marketing efforts. If you are keen to know about the concepts related to Google Analytics, how it works, and want to have top-notch services, then you have found the right place. Read through for enlightenment.

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I have contacted them to setup Google Analytics account for my business and they did it so well. I can easily track the performance of my website visitors. Thank you

Robert Santanas

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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics service is actually a service that Google offers for web analytics. The main purpose of this service is to track as well as report your website traffic. This is associated with the Google Marketing Platform, and it helps a lot in improving your business.

So, if you are planning on improving your website traffic by analyzing it first, then this is the right tool for it. The incredible part is that it is from Google. It has huge implications because it covers marketing activities at a great level.

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How does Google Analytics work

Now the first thing that we want you to understand here is that the main purpose is about tracking the activity of the user. So, there is a code that is inserted into your website code; it is basically a tracking code.

This code finds out user activity along with the user’s age, gender, and interests. This information is then transferred to Google Analytics. It effectively contributes to digital marketing and taking businesses to a whole new level. Now, this data is aggregated by four levels.

User Level

This level is related to the user and is related to the actions and activities performed by the user.

Session Level

This level is related to the session actually. By session, we mean individual visits. Like if the website had a visit, it is deemed as a session.

Pageview Level

Now, this is a bit different than the session level. Because it is related to each individual page visit on the page.

Event Level

An event-level is a next level, basically. Because it is about the button clicks, video views (if there are any), and other stuff.

 Google Analytics Reporting Section Overview

Reporting section in Google Analytics is pretty rich. There is default as well as customized report options available. You can use those reports for your business improvement in a number of ways. The data is pretty beneficial in understanding the trends as well as creating new strategies.

Life cycle

The Google Analytics 4 – GA4 provides a better understanding of the customer’s full life cycle. In this, you will be able to have a complete view of how your customer interacts with the business for the customer journey. There are further points related to it as follows:


Acquisition tells you about the origin of your customers, including referrals, search engines, and social networks.

You can just have user acquisition for various platforms and develop strategies likewise.

You can also have traffic acquisition with the help of it your platform by going through the process.


It describes the steps that your client goes through while considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to your product and services.

You can also get to know about the conversions and take the necessary steps for that. Similarly, the page and screen engagements also help you know the trends.


This point (monetization report) is related to the revenue related to purchases, ads, and subscriptions. You also get to know about the user engagement with items and adding them to the cart. You can understand consumer behavior and enhance your strategies.

Retention overview

This is about the time of retaining the data before deleting it. The maximum time of retention is 26 months. So, by default, Google signed-in data expires after 26 months.


There are two points related to the user here:


First of all, GA helps you know the demographics of your user. That information is pretty useful because it helps you understand the user and develop business strategies accordingly.


You also get to know about the tech. GA helps in getting you details about the tech, and you can then act accordingly. Like you can do campaigns on iOS or Android, depending on your audience.

Why Google analytics?

If you are running a business website, then Google Analytics is very important for you. Because it informs you about your visitor’s data, that data is pretty important for marketing purposes. For instance, you can understand the trends and then put relevant ads for effective marketing. But let me give you five reasons to choose Google Analytics:

  • Automatic Collection

The first reason that we want to give you here is that Google Analytics collects data automatically. So, there is not much that you can do here.

  • Customized Reports

You have an option of creating your own customized reports with it, despite the many report formats available.

  • Integration Possible

With web analytics, there is an option of integration with other platforms as well as tools, and it is a pretty good factor.

  • Attributes of Traffic

You can learn about the attributes of your traffic as well with Google Analytics. Be it their age, interests, gender, etc.; you can use that info for marketing.

  • Progress Monitoring

You can also learn about the progress and make sure if you are achieving your goals or not.

Google Analytics Services Testimonial

Great Google Analytics setup and implementation, the results I have achieved have been fantastic! Great team and very knowledge in the Google Analytics.

John Mayhew

Monica St. Austin

Cube Digi Media’s Google Analytics and Management Services in Details

We at Cube Digi Media provide the following services to our valuable clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to answer your general queries.

Google Analytics helps you understand your website traffic and trends and help optimize your business.

In your browser, load a webpage first. Then, right-click on the page to select View Page Source. You will find coding. Then, search the page for gtag.js or analytics.js.

We would say that it’s not easy because it contains a lot of coding and knowledge. So, it takes time to learn it.

Yes, google analytics can help you learn about the attributes of your visitor. But there are steps involved to find things out.

You can use GA to track vital social media metrics by following few steps. With GA, you can also learn about what social media platform your visitor prefers.

The average salary of Google Analytics experts is around $73,000 that takes you to a monthly income of $6,000.

More than 50% of Google websites use GA. Therefore, you should also use it to compete.

Google analytics knows your attributes like age and gender. Moreover, they know about your origin and preferences as well.

No, it shows some unique user ID and not personal information.

On average, it can cost you around $250 to $2000 per month, depending on the scope of work.

The privacy policy is very important, and if you want to use Google Analytics, you must provide a privacy policy to your users.

Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours for web traffic to show up.

In the Account column. Select an account from the menu. From the Property column, select a property column. Now, click the Tracking Info > Tracking Code. You will see the tracking ID.

It is a unique ID as an identifier of Google Analytics Property. It distinguishes your property from the other ones.

Yes, you can learn it, and it is easy to learn. You will have to spend time and attention on it.

If you are doing it well, then you can finish it in 6 months. This includes 10hrs/week of study.

You should focus on user demographics, popular content, conversions, AMP reports, e-commerce tracking, etc.

Yes, Google Analytics is a skill.

The certification expires after 12 months of your qualification date.

It is a new version of Google Analytics, and it uses firebase analytics on the backend.

GA3 uses a session-based model for tracking, while GA4 uses the measurement model.

Click the Admin in the bottom left corner. Select Data Streams and then choose Web. From there, click on the (>) sign, and it will take you to Web Stream Details. Now, you will see the GA4 measurement ID on the top right. Then, go to your existing Universal Analytics Property. From there, choose Admin, then Tracking Info, and then the Tracking Code.

You can have predictive metrics in GA4; that’s why you should choose it.

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