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Logo represent the identity of a business Brand. We have designed eye-catching logos for our Clients. To get high quality logo design services, hire us today!

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Our logo design service can help to represent your brand in the online. You can view our client list to see how our logo design help them to increase their brand identity.


To design and provide you the best logo that match with your business, we will provide 3 revisions. It also, we will provide 3 versions of the logo that will help to grow your brand.


The appropriate logo can relate to customers and make them develop a visual memory of the business quicker. Also, helps to grow brand’s success and increase sales as well

Logo designing is a very popular part of graphic designing, and it is all about producing a graphic mark for some business organization. We believe that people deserve the best possible logos for their companies. If you are looking for some minimalist or stylish logo, then you should be provided with that up to desired results. Making this happen, we at Cube Digi Media strive to produce creative logos for your business. For awareness, we will be providing a detailed understanding of logo design as well.

Logo Design Service

I have contacted CDM to design logo for my business “Miras Heaven” and their logo designer did a excellent job. You can see the outcome in my website. After that,  they also designed my business card and social media banners too. Great job. Highly Recommend!

Sadia Mira


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A logo is a mini design or pattern to represent your brand. It can be projecting your brand’s name, product, or anything you want. Mostly, logos are kept minimalist for a good representation in a sophisticated manner. But you can have a logo of your desire as well. So, you can include a text, shape, picture, or anything you like in your logo.

A logo design is a graphic mark of a company. It represents the brand or the company, and the company gets identified by its logo design. People with graphic designing skills create the desired logo designs. It would help if you got your logo designed by someone who really knows how to do it because a perfect logo should contain a lot of features that we will be discussing here.

 five characteristics of a logo

A logo has to be special. It has to represent the true enthusiasm about your business. There are five characteristics that your logo should comprise. Here they are:


The first characteristic of a good logo is minimalism. Minimalism is all about simplicity. A simple logo portrays beauty.


A good logo is relevant. It should be relevant to your business. This is how it will portray your business in a good way.


People remember a logo that is impactful. It should be memorable, and this is only possible if it creates an impact on the viewer.


A logo is not something that should be changed with time. So, your permanent logo should be timeless because it has to represent you for years to come.


Your logo should be versatile. It should represent everything about your business in a small graphic icon. That means it should be versatile.

hire Cube Digi Media To Design a Logo

If you are looking to get a logo designed for your business, then you should definitely choose Cube Digi Media for it. We will give you the following reasons to justify why you should hire us.


We are experienced at what we do. We are in the market for around 12 years, and we have learned a lot to provide the best content.


Our team is full of dedication and commitment. We believe that skills and dedication go side by side.

Customer Care

Customer care is one of our utmost priorities. Your satisfaction means everything to us, and we strive hard for it.

Success Rate

Our success defines us. We have done a lot of projects, and we have a lot of satisfied clients to justify our success rate.

Competitive Prices

We think that everyone deserves good services and for that reason, we try to stay approachable. Our prices are reasonable!

Three Things in a Logo

A logo should cover three aspects, or you can say that it should be following some rules to produce the best results for you. Following are the three things that a logo should be:


Your logo has to be appropriate. That means it should be exactly according to what your brand is. So, relevance and appropriateness are pretty important.

Distinctive & Memorable

Your logo becomes your identity. That is why it should be as unique as possible. It should truly represent you. Therefore, creativeness and uniqueness are the rules of thumb.


Make sure that the logo is simple. But it should not be that simple to miss the important depiction. So, keep it as simple yet wholesome as we do!

How to design a logo

Designing a great logo is not easy. But if you do it with passion, then it becomes pretty easy. We teach five steps to help you design the best logo. Here they are:

About Design

It is important to know about the design. So, have a proper brief about the design by your client first and then look into it properly.


You have to do your research about the design for ideas and to come up with some creative logo for your client. So, research is the second step to follow.


Then, you should work on concept building. You should make the possible concepts to reach the final alternative that contains all the required characteristics.

Feedback & Revision

Then, you should show it to your client to have feedback and know if there are any revisions necessary.


Once you have finalized it, the next step is to present it to your client, and we are sure that if you follow the steps correctly, your client will be happy.

A logo design is nothing but a process of creating/designing a logo. A logo represents some brand or business and becomes its identity. On the other side, branding is a process of getting your brand recognized. You prepare different strategies to have your brand recognized in branding. Thus, you give people a reason to choose your brand over the others.

Here is our simple yet wholesome strategy in which we take pride. So, these are the four things that tell you about how we work!


Our strategy is based on our experience. Our experts properly understand the design brief to keep in mind all the details related to your requirements. Then we do proper research to come up with unique and creative designs according to your demands.


We design all the possible, creative, and minimalistic designs related to the requirement. This is important to come up with the best possible concept. We discuss the concept with our client for a final alternative.


Then we show the final designs to our valuable clients and do revisions until the client is satisfied with them because we believe in our customer’s satisfaction.


Then we deliver the logo. We strive to submit the work within the deadlines to avoid inconvenience because we believe that our client’s time is valuable.

Cube Digi Media’s Logo Design Services in Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to answer your general queries.

The most important thing about a logo is simplicity. Your logo should be minimalist, unique, relevant, and impactful. So, keep these important aspects in mind.

Yes, the website also has an identity, and we believe that they should have their distinctive logos as well. So, we also design logos for websites.

Yes, many businesses grow from small. So, including all the other aspects that make a small business successful, a good logo also plays its role. Therefore, we provide the best logo for your small business.

LOGO stands for Language of Graphics-Oriented. A logo is a symbol to recognize a public identification of a brand or company.

The four types of logos include a letter mark, a wordmark, a brandmark, and a combination mark. Each of them has its purposes and significance.

An SVG, aka Scalable Vector Graphics file, is an XML-based 2-D graphic format. It is very helpful in sharing graphics files on the internet.

If you have some intellectual or creative work that you want to protect, then you have copyrights for that. On the other side, if you have to protect commercial names, phrases, or logos, then you have a trademark for that.

You can have the following file formats to receive your logo design:

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • SVG

You can choose any of them that is convenient to you and ask for it

Yes, we believe in customer convenience, and to fulfill this motto, we provide you with scalable vector files of your logo design.

Yes, you name it, and we will make it for you. You can have any logo design from our services, including logos for products, titles, or names.

You do not have to worry at all. If you do not like the initial concepts, then you can ask for revision. Revisions are offered until you are satisfied. So, mention what you want us to do, and we will try our best to make it up to you.

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