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WordPress is an incredible content management system that has a plugin architecture along with a template system. It has revolutionized the website creating area by offering a very friendly and efficient interface. Unlike coding, where there is complex programming involved, this platform is pretty handy and bug-free. With all those perks and cons, we will let you know in detail about WordPress and why you should choose it! Because we think that you deserve the best content.
Local SEO Testimonial

Cube Digi Media did a fantastic job on my website and took the extra time to explain the programs to be used to keep my website up to date. They also made the extra effort to keep me informed during the period in which they were working on it. I would be extremely happy to recommend CDM to anyone looking for a great website at a fantastic price

David Cantu


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We have been very happy with the developemnt of our web site and have recieved many positive comments about the professionalism of our site. We wilL be using your services again for the future development of our web presence. Many thanks.!

Madison Barlow

Niagara Falls, ON L2E 4E6

National SEO services testimonial

I’ve contacted them to re-design our website as the website looks and responsiveness isn’t ok. The CDM team designed the website using WordPress CMS and the website looks so cool and I am getting leads from the front page. They are the real WordPress Experts. Thank you!

Carol Surbey

Toronto, ON M1L 3K7

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Characteristics of Sales Driven Website Design

Now, as we are concerned with web designs and their development. Apart from WordPress conversation, we think that you deserve to know about the characteristics of a good web design. So that you never get wrong on it. Like good usability, which plays a very important role in defining the success of a website, there are a lot of characteristics that we believe you should know about a good web design.

Here are the ten characteristics to remember about a Sales-Driving Website Design!

  1. Accessibility
  2. Mobile Compatibility
  3. Good Functionality
  4. Easy to Use
  5. Planned Information Architecture
  6. Well-Formatted Content
  7. Browser Consistency
  8. Effective Navigation
  9. Good Error Handling
  10. Optimized for Search and the Social Web

Let’s now get into a bit details of the above characteristics for your better understanding!


The first characteristic that it should have is good accessibility that would make it accessible for all the users out there. A great web design would be one that was accessible for blind, disabled, and older people.

Mobile Compatibility 

Nowadays, most people like to have information on their mobile phones. Therefore, a good web design is always mobile compatible. Moreover, it is designed despite the operating systems for better reach.

Good Functionality

A great web design offers great functionality. If a website offers good functionality, it becomes everyone’s favorite. Moreover, the website reflects one’s business and company. So, it should have all the appealing entities in it.

Easy to Use

This is another important characteristic of a good web design. Keeping things simple and elegant is not easy. A good interface is very important. Therefore, the website should be easy to use because it is a trait of good web design.

Planned Information Architecture

Not only is the information important, but its sorting is also of pretty importance. If the information is well-organized, its understanding becomes a lot easier. Therefore, planned information architecture is important, and it is a characteristic of good web designs.

Well-Formatted Content

Then comes professionalism. Although, all the previous characteristics play a role in it. But we believe that good formatting of the content should also be there because it is a trait of well-designed websites.

Browser Consistency

It simply means that the website should be compatible with the browsers. By that, we mean that it should work fine in a consistent manner on all the available and active browsers. A good web design is made by keeping in account the browser consistency as well.

Effective Navigation

Then comes the navigation part. The navigation should be pretty effective. It should be clutter-free, and the number of menu items should be minimum. So, overall, good navigation is what a good web design offers.

Good Error Handling

Then comes the error handling. The web design should be robust enough to enable you to handle all the errors properly. The error handling is usually good in good web designs.

Optimized for Search and the Social Web 

Your website needs some SEO. Yeah, it is very important to optimize the website to gather good traffic on it. Therefore, you should also give importance to optimization. Good web designs are optimized to work efficiently.

WordPress Web Design & Development

The conversion rate should be improved because it plays an important role in boosting up a local business that has a new website. There are several steps for this optimization. Below are eight steps to help you increase the conversion rate of your new business!

Set Goals First

You can not achieve something if you haven’t set goals for it. So, you have to analyze the whole situation and set goals. Look for conversion rates and define what you really need.

Make Strategy

Then comes the strategy. Things like increasing conversion rate demand strategy. If you do not have a proper strategy to reach your goals and projections, then it will not go well. Keeping in mind the CRO objectives, you have to clarify your path and strategies.

Select Alternatives

Now, there would be a number of alternatives in your head. But you have to choose one idea that would work. Do your research and test all the alternatives to sift down to the final and good one.

Localize the Content

You should have a good idea about the needs and demands of the community. Therefore, you should correspond your content to it. Your content should be localized to reach the goals efficiently. In this way, you will not only improve the conversion rate but also have a good bonding with your targeted audience.

Add Details

Add details but not much. I would rather say that you should beware of the details. Make sure about what you want and what you don’t. There should be everything clear about the value proposition, clarity, relevance, anxiety, distraction, urgency, and etc.

Add Testimonials 

Testimonials play a very important role in creating an impact. Therefore, you should not underestimate them. Rather, you should utilize them properly for great marketing and spotlight.

Upgrade Pages and User Experience

It is just like maintenance. You have to add in things from time to time. Like you have to upgrade the page as well as improve the user experience to stay in the competition. Thus, this factor/step is also pretty important.

Improve the Loading Speed

Lastly, it is about the improvement of your page’s loading speed. Remember that no one waits more than a few seconds for the opening of a website. Therefore, the loading speed should be improved as well on a regular basis.

If you follow the above steps properly, you can increase the conversion rate of your local business!


Whether you’re creating an exciting new brand or amplifying your current online presence your primary website needs to deliver on 5 points if you want to command attention and influence your market.

  • Smart, meaningful design that catches the eye

  • Solid, intuitive & engaging user experience

  • Clear communication of your message to humans and search engines

  • Call to action accessed from all pages

  • Mobile friendly

Making real connections with your customers means every component should be carefully considered for its impact on results – emotions inspired; decisions made; actions taken.


Cube Digi Media will design your business a powerful web platform that helps broadcasts your message using clever intuitive design and call to action. We understand what users want and how they interact with websites, we will share our knowledge to help you get the most from your investment.

Our websites are built for easy management, you can make content changes independently using either a custom Content Management System – (CMS) or a popular open-source alternative – we’ll show you how it’s done (or we’ll take care of this for you; as you prefer).

Once upon a time, you could get by with just another pretty face. Today, your customers face a baffling array of options from your competitors and you need to present quality content wrapped in a compelling, memorable experience to stand out and get noticed.

Why Local Business Love Cube Digi Media Website Design Services

Cube Digi Media keeps every aspect in mind to offer the best possible content. Just like that, we provide unmatched services for WordPress Web Designs. Below are our services related to web designing that we offer to our valuable customers.

What’s Included In Our Web Design Services for the Local Business

  • Website hosting (optional)

  • WordPress website design

  • Website security (optional)

  • Website Speed Optimization (optional)

  • Optimization for SEO

  • Existing content import

  • Lead form creation and tracking
  • Website compatibility across all browsers and devices
  • Integration with social media pages

  • Robot.txt creation

  • XML sitemap creation and submission
  • Content Writing (optional)
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • And more

Ready to Increase Revenue for Your Business?

Now, if you are Ready to Increase Revenue for Your Business, then contact Cube Digi Media Website Design Team today and get yourself served well. We have done around 200+ projects for improving the business of many companies. We have SEO experts as well as WordPress experts to help you improve your websites or even build them. Ultimately, that takes to a considerable improvement in the revenues.

So, if you are looking for great services in WordPress Web Design & Development, then do give us a chance because we are in the market for the last 12 years, and we have helped people a lot in growing. So, improve your company’s efficiency and performance by getting the problems traced and their solutions found.

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We have mentioned the basic knowledge about WordPress and its importance in daily life. We provide extensive services in this field to our customers, and we ensure standards. Our free consultancy services are also available. So, talk to our experts and clarify things first. Then, you may decide to avail of the service. We care about your 100% satisfaction. Because providing satisfactory work with high standards is our mission.

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